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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

“We were in a bad crash while visiting Florida from Michigan and both suffered significant injuries. It was so confusing to us. We hired Mr. Robertson and he handled all the complicated issues in Florida and Michigan and got us a significant settlement that was more than we expected . We would highly recommend him to anyone who is in an accident and needs a thorough and aggressive attorney who will take the worries off your shoulders and fight for your rights.”

– Judy and Phil H.

“I hired Mr. Robertson to help me after I had an accident. I had never been in an accident and was totally confused by all the issues with insurance and doctors and who would pay my medical bills. He did a great job for me and was always available to answer all my questions. It made me feel protected having him on my side. He secured a large settlement for me that paid all my bills and compensated me for the injuries I suffered. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good aggressive attorney who really cares about his clients.”

– Stella S.

“I retained Mr. Robertson to handle a high dollar damages claim. His advice, attention-to-detail, and strategy was very successful. As a result, my settlement was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Bill.”

– John D.

“I was in an accident in and suffered injuries that upset my life . I incurred medical bills that I was not sure I could pay. I hired Mr Robertson to represent me and he took the case and secured me a settlement for more than I was expecting that paid all my bills and left me a nice sum for my pain and suffering from the accident . I would highly recommend him to anyone who has had an accident and wants someone to aggressively represent them and secure the settlement you need.”

– Deborah C.

“My attorney, Bill Robertson, was very thorough in explaining the law to me. I feel confident and informed going forward making decisions based on his advice. I also felt he was companionate and understanding of my situation. I would highly recommend him.”

– Eric C.