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What if my loved one was left incapacitated after a serious crash?

If you get a call from police or a hospital because your loved one was in a car crash, you immediately become concerned. You are thankful if you find out your spouse or teen survived a terrifying accident. Yet, when you hear about your loved one’s injuries, you may realize they have a long road ahead. Your loved one may have suffered a severe traumatic brain injury or a spine injury, injuries that can take months to heal from. They may even have a permanent disability or become incapacitated because of the injuries they suffered in the crash.

If you have a loved one suffer a disability or become incapacitated because of accident injuries, you need to consult a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver if that person’s negligence caused the crash.

Recovering Compensation

To get maximum compensation for your loved one’s incapacitation or disability, you also need to:

  • Keep documentation of all their medical bills and medical records. You need your loved one’s doctors to document how serious your loved one’s injuries are and if their injuries prevent them from working or left them with a permanent disability or disfigurement.
  • Make sure your loved one seeks medical treatment promptly if they begin suffering from other injury symptoms. Sometimes, accident victims suffer delayed injury symptoms after a car accident. Or new health problems occur while your loved one is recovering. They need to not delay in seeking treatment in those situations.
  • Have your loved one follow their doctors’ treatment plan. Your loved one needs to show that they are working toward recovery and following their doctor’s recommendations.
  • Have your loved one seek mental health help if they begin suffering from depression because of their injuries or suffer from anxiety or PTSD after the accident. It’s not uncommon to suffer from mental health illnesses after a serious accident or if you become disabled because of an accident.

You and your loved one shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for their medical bills and life-long care if they are incapacitated. With an attorney’s help, you can instead spend more time focusing on recovery and helping your loved one move forward with their life.